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The difference between leasing & renting:

Why Lease?

  1. Low Initial Investment
  2. Flexible contracts ensures that you have the machine for the exact amount of time you need.
  3. Helps conserve working capital
  4. Payments typically remain fixed allowing for better and more accurate budgeting in the future
  5. All costs associated with acquiring the equipment is included in the lease payment. i.e. delivery and installation is covered in the initial costs.
  6. The entire lease payment may be a tax deductable
  7. Leases offered by CMC are designed to be easy, flexible, and most importantly, affordable. CMC will work with you to ensure that you receive that machine you need at a price you can afford.

Why Rent?

  1. low initial investment
  2. Most flexible contracts allow for contracts to be redone at the end each term
  3. No maintenance costs to worry about
  4. Allows for short term use of equipment
  5. Helps conserve working capital
  6. Rental payments may be tax deductable
  7. Rental agreements offered by CMC are typically offered for short-term equipment use and are designed by CMC to be a simple process to get you the equipment you need quickly.

Our service technicians are CMC employees

CMC has many possible leasing and rental configurations open, so whether you choose to lease or rent, know that CMC will work tirelessly to get you what you need. Whether itís a lease to own or short term rental, CMC will ensure that you leave satisfied with your choice of machinery and most importantly, satisfied with the overall cost of your deal.

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