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As part of our commitment to satisfy each customerís needs, Compactor Management Company offers Waste Reduction and Recycling Assessments. What this entails is a monitoring of your waste practices over a period of time which Compactor Management deems necessary in order to provide an accurate assessment of your companyís waste habits.

Once all relevant data has been collected, Compactor Management will provide you with an easy to read booklet which will highlight the main points of your Waste Recycling program.

  • Included in this booklet will be all the material generated and disposed of. Your current waste and recycling costs, the status of your equipment, and more.
  • From there, we will focus on potential cost savings, possible cost avoidance opportunities as well as other options that may be necessary in order to minimize your waste costs
Our service technicians are CMC employees
Should you feel this process to be too invasive, Compactor Management can provide you with a more generalized report on how to minimize waste costs by filling out a Waste Removal Survey.

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