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  Preventative Maintenance Program

Professional inspection of mechanical and electrical components is essential to increase performance and protect your investment. Since the machine is metal with moving parts, the standard for a professional inspection, is every three months.   [ ]

  Waste Reduction and Recycling Assessment

As part of our commitment to our customerís needs, CMC offers free waste reduction and recycling assessments. Over a period of time, data is collected and potential cost savings and cost avoidance opportunities are identified that aim to reduce waste costs.   [ ]

  Waste Monitoring Program

As a distributor of the Waste Edge Monitoring System by One Plus corp., CMC is capable of monitoring the compactor usage 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. With this system in place, you will avoid over scheduling and excessive pickups causing unnecessary expense. The Waste Edge Monitoring system, provides you an accurate way to know when your compactor/container is full and communicates directly with the haulers to ensure compactor/container is picked up ONLY when it is actually full. The Waste Edge Monitoring System is guaranteed to cut costs by at least 30%.   [ ]

  Equipment Evaluations & Reconditioning

We believe that the most informed decision is the best decision. We provide you with a report on the overall condition of your equipment. This report will include a detailed evaluation of your equipment. Reconditioning   [ ]

  Leasing and Renting Equipment

With many customizable leasing and rental options, CMC is guaranteed to have the equipment you need at a price you can afford.   [ ]



Should you feel that new machinery is in your best interests, Compactor management will always consider trade-ins as a possibility. Compactor Management will take your old machinery and, after a careful evaluation, will assign a monetary value to your old machinery which will then be deducted from the overall price of your new machinery.
Coupled with this, Compactor Management Company will absorb all hauling costs for your old machinery thus saving your company even more.

Transportation Services

As part of our one stop shop for all things compactor and container related, CMC is proud to offer roll-off service for the greater bay area and beyond. CMC provides pick-up, transportation, and re-location services for all equipment as well as recycling material disposal. Featuring a Flat Bed 22 feet long and an additional trailer that is also 22 feet long, CMC is more than capable of transporting even the largest of bodies further reinforcing the Compactor Management Company as the definitive one-stop source for all your waste equipment needs.

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