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CMC equipment is manufactured using only quality products. Should a product fail or a spare part be required, CMC offers replacement parts for all our equipment and then some. Below are just a sample of the individual parts we offer. Looking for a specialty item? CMC will help you look! With help from our knowledgeable staff, be assured that your part can be found.



Magnetic Switch

Common Names Common Sizes
Safety Door Switch N/A
Safety Interlock Switch N/A

Ground Rollers

Wheels used on compactors and drop bodies

Common Names Common Sizes
Steel Wheels 6x8, 8x8
Bogie Wheels  

Hydraulic Hose

Common Names Common Sizes
Hose 1/4, 1/2, 3/8"
Hydraulic lines  

Hydraulic Oil

Common Names Common Sizes
AW46 N/A



Bale Wire

Common Names Common Sizes
Bailing Wire 12, 14, 16 gauge



Common Names Common Sizes
Container Lids 36x42 Double Wall (2yd Lid)
Plastic Lids 36x48 Double Wall (3yd Lid)
Duraflex lids 36x58 Double Wall (4yd Lid)
3yd Container Lid 31x31 Double Wall
4yd Container Lid  
2yd Container Lid  


Common Names Common Sizes
Trash Container Tarps 32x34, 64x80, 30x36,
Receiver Container Tarps 30x42, 60x72, 64x72
Container covers  
Plastic covers  
Yellow Tarps  

Safety Decals for Machinery & Equipment

Common Names Common Sizes
Safety Decals N/A

Ratchet Load Binder

Common Names Common Sizes
Compactor Ratchet N/A
Ratchet Binder  

Coupling System

Common Names Common Sizes
Tow hitches Ball & Coupler 2
Trash container hitches Ring & Pin: Heavy Duty or Standard
Ring & Pin Tow Hitch  
Ball & Coupler Tow Hitch  
Pintel hitch  
Pintel hook  
Pintel hook up  

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