Equipment Evaluations & Reconditioning

Recondition: is your equipment operating at full capacity?

Even if a piece of equipment is operational that does not necessarily mean it is operating at full capacity. When a piece of machinery is not operating at optimal capacity it will not compact your material as efficiently which will lead to more calls to the hauler with the end result being rising disposal rates. Furthermore, when a piece of machinery is not operating at full capacity, it may pose a safety risk for your employees.

As such, Compactor Management offers reconditioning services to help bring the equipment to like new condition. What the service includes is a complete overhaul of worn and/or faulty parts within the equipment. Compactor Management will also insure that your equipment meets all safety and operational standards that may apply.

Of course, Compactor Management strives to satisfy each individual customer and as such, will insure that you make the best decision possible. Before performing any such service, Compactor Management will complete a thorough investigation of the equipment to insure the practicality of such a service. We will then provide you with our assessment, recommendation, and all other possible options that may be worth exploring.


Evaluation: Reporting the overall condition of your equipment

Although repairing a piece of equipment is always an option; it is not always the best option. At CMC, we believe that the most informed decision is the best decision and as such we can provide you with a report on the overall condition of your equipment.

This report will include a detailed evaluation of your equipment and will include our recommendation for the machinery. Included in the report will be a selling price or trade-in value for the equipment which can be used for tax purposes or as a deduction should you choose to trade-in your piece of equipment for an upgrade. For more information on trade-ins, please see the Trade-In section of our website.

Also, should you wish to simply scrap your piece of machinery, we can schedule to have it removed once your new piece of equipment arrives instead of seeking another outside entity to perform the service.

Because CMC values growth, should any of your needs change, we will be happy to help you evaluate those needs and offer you the services that will help you achieve your new goals. Our customer’s satisfaction is priceless!

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