Quality Waste Equipment Products

We have several products organized into categories, please click on a category or select an individual product. All of our products are made from the best steel available. The Benefits of refuse, handling and recycling equipment: reduce hauling costs, reduce visual refuse and saves employee time.

Safe And Trusted Waste Collection Service

Devoted & Trustworthy Waste Collection Services

Industrial Compactors

  • Vertical Compactor
  • Self-Contained Compactor
  • Self-Contained Compactor HT
  • Stationary Compactor
  • Mini-Pak

Industrial Balers

  • Vertical Baler


  • Front-load Container with Slant Top
  • Front-load “Humpback” Container
  • Rear-load Container | “Garwood”
  • Self-Dumping Hopper
  • Scrap Metal Bins
  • Tallow Bins
  • Drop Body Container
  • “Radius Body” Container
  • Storage Body

Parts & Accessories

  • Safety Door Switch
  • Bale Wire
  • Ground Rollers
  • Casters
  • Hydraulic Hose
  • Safety Decals
  • AW46 Hydraulic Oil
  • Coupling System
  • Container Lids
  • Ratchet Load Binder
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