Industrial Compactors

An effective compactor machine is used where high amounts of assorted waste or certain recyclable materials are created on location. Compactors can be manually filled with bags of waste or they can be fitted with a bin lift to allow secure and convenient emptying of bins. For effective waste management, a proper compaction unit is necessary. A commercial trash compactor is an appealing option to most people simply because their high compaction ratios lead to reduced hauling costs. On top of that, the amount of visible refuse will be reduced resulting in a more presentable business inside and out. CMC, offer’s a variety of Compactors each specifically tailored to fit your needs.

Safe And Trusted Waste Collection Service

Devoted & Trustworthy Waste Collection Services

Vertical Compactor

Compactor Management Company’’s Vertical Compactor is a completely customizable self-contained compactor specifically deigned for businesses who wish to reduce rhier waste hauling expenses while maintaining maximal floor space.

Self-Contained Compactor | Side-Feed Doghouse

The SCS line offers a visually appealing, high performance compactor designed to reduce hauling costs and increase the aesthetic appeal of your business with its Unique Radial Body Design.

Stationary Compactor | "Shortie"

Our “Shortie” Series is a dual cross-cylinder stationary compactor suitable for small industrial applications, hospitals, retail and food stores. Ideal for the solid waste stream or recyclables.


Designed by CMC, The Mini-Pak is an easily customizeable, affordable compactor designed for use in Apartments and other high-rinse buildings where size is an issue. A low cost system designed to handle 150 cu. yards for uncompacted waste weekly.

Parts and Accessories

  • Safety Door Switch
  • Bale Wire
  • Ground Rollers
  • Casters
  • Hydraulic Hose
  • AW 46
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Biodegradable Oil
  • Container Lids
  • Safety Decals
  • Ratchet Load Binder
  • Coupling System
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